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LGC, in its role as Government Chemist acts as impartial referee for disputes over suspected food adulteration. Through independent analysis, the ‘Government Chemist function’ enables consumer confidence in food safety


Do you think consumers can be confident on what they are eating?  

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  • Hi

    I am not sure that I agree with the sentiment here. I rather regard the LGC role as preventing a "miscarriage of justice" (i.e. giving the "correct" result when asked or required to do so no matter how difficult/interesting the analysis). However, I would have far more confidence as a mere consumer if I was assured that the number of inspections, sampling and analyses undertaken by enforcement authorities were increasing rather than decreasing. All the recent statistics that I have seen suggest that it is the latter rather than the former that is more prevalent at the present time (and has been for a considerable number of years).

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