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Food Authenticity Network

The Food Authenticity Network was set-up in July 2015 by the UK government to help bring together those involved in food authenticity testing.

The Network, recommended by the Elliot review "Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks", aims to raise awareness of the tools available to check for mislabelling and food fraud and to ensure that there is access to a resilient network of laboratories providing fit for purpose testing to check for food authenticity so consumers can have confidence in the food they buy.

The Network now also includes a section on Food Fraud Mitigation, in which the major global services, guidance and reports aimed at preventing food fraud have been collated. 

As of January 2019, the Food Authenticity Network transitioned to a public - private partnership which is being led by LGC.  

The Food Authenticity Network provides information related to food authenticity testing in one convenient location; the information on methods and research reports provided are outputs of government funded research and a link to the source of the information is provided in all other cases. Any view, information or advice given by members on the discussion pages are based on their own views and opinions. No responsibility can be taken for the use made of any view, information or advice given on the Food Authenticity Network.

Food Authenticity Library

A separate library for food authenticity related documents, including policy documents, case studies and available SOPs can be found at documents.foodauthenticity.uk. You can also go to our 'Research' page to find link to research reports, authenticity surveys and standard operating procedures (SOPs) on other sites.


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Forthcoming Events

This conference organised by the Akademie Fresenius will cover governmental initiatives on food authenticity and fraud, as well as recently completed and ongoing projects, and will include an exchange on fraud threats and how these can be mitigated. These topics will be discussed by representatives from the EU Food Fraud Network, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), monitoring authorities in the European Member States (e.g. in UK),…

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The 13th CIFSQ Conference is a leading event focused on sharing knowledge and expertise for protecting food more effectively. The programme has over 100 international speakers and includes information on changing regulations, standards, consumer expectations and other challenges. The meeting is a prime opportunity for professional and business development, and is attended by regulators, scientists, industry executives and academics. Information on the programme and speakers…

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Eurofins Steins collaborating with Danish Food Cluster are organising an International Conference on Food Fraud and Adulteration 2019 on 17&18 September in Vejle, South Denmark, where many Danish food companies are located. This event will bring together leading international specialists in food fraud mitigation, as well as analysts from several European…

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MoniQA warmly invite you to attend this meeting in Rockville https://rockville2019.moniqa.org/ co-organised by MoniQA Association www.moniqa.org and US Pharmacopeia www.usp.org. The meeting brings together international experts in the…

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