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The Food Authenticity Network was set-up in July 2015 by the UK government to help bring together those involved in food authenticity testing.

The Network, recommended by the Elliot review "Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks", aims to raise awareness of the tools available to check for mislabelling and food fraud and to ensure that there is access to a resilient network of laboratories providing fit for purpose testing to check for food authenticity so consumers can have confidence in the food they buy.

The Network now also includes a section on Food Fraud Mitigation, in which the major global services, guidance and reports aimed at preventing food fraud have been collated. 

As of January 2019, the Food Authenticity Network transitioned to a public - private partnership which is being led by LGC.  

The Food Authenticity Network provides information related to food authenticity testing in one convenient location; the information on methods and research reports provided are outputs of government funded research and a link to the source of the information is provided in all other cases. Any view, information or advice given by members on the discussion pages are based on their own views and opinions. No responsibility can be taken for the use made of any view, information or advice given on the Food Authenticity Network.

Food Authenticity Library

A separate library for food authenticity related documents, including policy documents, case studies and available SOPs can be found at documents.foodauthenticity.uk. You can also go to our 'Research' page to find link to research reports, authenticity surveys and standard operating procedures (SOPs) on other sites.


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Forthcoming Events


Famille Michaud Apiculteurs is committed to supply pure and authentic honeys to their consumers. They set-up the first in-company laboratory in the world for honey analyses in 1973. Each year, they screen and check honey from over a million hives, as only testing can guarantee honey quality for the consumer.…
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This event brings together delegates in a collaborative and interactive learning workshop on Allergens and Listeria. The objective is to share and discuss issues, review resolution experiences, examine indicators that signpost threats and define plans for preventive risk management that delegates can take back and implement.

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In this hour long webinar given by Dr Werner Nader, participants will learn how supply chains can be secured by combining three critical control elements: supplementary pre-purchase and pre-shipment inspections, supplier audits, and food forensics using modern laboratory analysis methods. In addition, they will receive valuable assistance in supplier evaluation and in assessing the quality of certificates such as GlobalGAP, IFS, BRC, FSSC, etc.


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In this webinar, Eurofins olive oil expert Nadja Liebmann shows which factors have an impact on the quality of olive oil along the production chain, explains how analytical detection methods can help in the assessment of quality and authenticity, and gives valuable tips for assuring and optimising the quality of the oil.

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