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"The FSS results support what the FSA was saying about their results, which found that more than a fifth of targeted meat sample tests in 2017 found DNA from unlabelled animals, were ‘not representative’ of food industry as they were taekn from high…"
Oct 18
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According to an investigation by Which? magazine, 15 out of 19 so-called sourdough loaves, sold in supermarkets, that they examined were not made in the traditional way and contain extra ingredients or additives.
Traditional sourdough is considered…
Oct 1
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Sep 24
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Sep 24
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"Welcome to the Food Authenticity Network John! It's good to see you here.
Sep 19
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Sep 12
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With many reports of increasing levels of fraud in the organic food sector including from The Grocer in March 2018, the IFST statement on organic food is a useful guide that looks at current EU rules related to organic food, explores how this type o…
Aug 22
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Aug 21
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 Tackling the Issues of Honey Fraud with NMR
Honey is a product that is highly susceptible to fraud, in terms of making the product into a lower quality than stated.
There are different forms of economically motivated adulteration and the most commo…
Aug 14
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In a move that customers have labelled very fishy, the Chinese government has ruled that rainbow trout can now be labelled and sold as salmon.
The seemingly bizarre move comes after complaints earlier this year that rainbow trout was being mislabell…
Aug 14
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This case study highlights the challenges of implementing blockchain technology in the food supply chain and the opportunities for deploying blockchain solutions throughout the global food ecosystem to increase safety and reduce waste.
Jun 19
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Jun 11
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The role of the Government Chemist is over 100 years old, and has witnessed staggering change in the provision of safe food and drink to the public. The constant factor in its long history has been the use of sound science to respond to challenges i…
May 24
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The Belfast Summit on Global Food Integrity 2018 will be chaired by Queen's University Belfast Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Chris Elliot. 
The summit will bring together representatives from international and governmental agencies, the academic and…
May 21
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European standardization in the field of food and feed contributes to improving levels of food safety and protecting the health of consumers. CEN (European Committee for Standardization) provides validated test methods that are used by the food indu…
Apr 10