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The herbal products, sold worldwide as medicines or foods, are perceived as low risk because they are considered natural and thus safe. The quality of these products is ineffectively regulated and controlled. The growing evidence for their lack of a…
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A US federal bill that would require plant-based and cell-cultured meat products to be labelled as ‘imitation’ meat has been welcomed by beef producers and slammed by plant-based meat advocates, as the row over terminology in the burgeoning space he…
Nov 5
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Michael walker speaks about the Food Authenticity Network at the 3rd MoniQA International Symposium: Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management in Rockville, MD, USA.
Nov 1
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An introduction to DNA melting curve analysis

This e-seminar, entitled “An introduction to DNA melting curve analysis”, describes the principles behind, as well as best practice guidelines for the application of the post-PCR analytical method of DN…
Oct 24
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Oct 24
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The Royal Society of Chemistry has published a book on 'DNA Techniques to Verify Food Authenticity'                       (, which includes a chapter (number 26) on the Food Authenticity Network.
 About the book…
Oct 22
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Oct 17
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International Year of the Periodic Table, 2019: Celebrating the Periodic Table and Atomic Spectroscopy
4th November 2019, Burlington House, London, W1J 0BA This year has been designated by UNESCO as the International Year of the Periodic Table (I…
Oct 4
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"Welcome to the Food Authenticity Network Neil!
It's good to see you on here.
Kind regards
Oct 2
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Oct 2
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Adulteration is a growing food safety concern worldwide. Previous studies have implicated turmeric as a source of lead (Pb) exposure due to the addition of lead chromate (PbCrO4), a yellow pigment used to enhance brightness. This study aimed to asse…
Oct 2
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