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Get started authenticating your coffee

A review paper "Ground Roast Coffee: Review of Analytical Strategies to Estimate Geographic Origin, Species Authenticity and Adulteration by dilution" has been published, http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12161-016-0756-3  Methods for the determination of the most commonly found materials used to adulterate coffee as diluents and to establish the geographic and genotypic origin of beans are reviewed. Suggestions are made as to how to start to authenticate, or otherwise, the label claims…

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New JRC monthly report on food fraud and authenticity

New JRC monthly report "Consumers have the right to make informed decisions about the food they purchase. Agricultural products of high commercial value have been traditionally the target of fraudulent malpractices. Prevention of fraud and promotion of authentic products is important to assure the commercial success of European high-value agri-food products on international markets and to ensure that consumer rights are protected. "

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