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4716501062?profile=RESIZE_180x180During the current pandemic there is a greater demand for products and services, particularly Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and it is important that procurers are confident that what they are buying is fit for purpose and meets the necessary safety standards. 

In recent weeks UKAS has become aware of a rising number of counterfeit certificates relating to PPE, making false claims over holding quality standards.  The certificate being supplied to provide confidence may appear to tick all the boxes and to meet the required standards, but what can be done to make sure? The simple checks below can be made to validate the certificate, enabling the purchase to be made with confidence.

  •  Step 1: Check that the certificate has been issued by a certification body that is accredited by an internationally                                      recognised accreditation body. 
  • Step 2Check the claims by the certification body that they hold the appropriate accreditation from the accreditation body. 
  • Step 3Validation of certificate.
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Prosecco, a product with protected designation of origin, is produced in only nine areas near the Italian cities of Venice and Trieste. Last month, FSA investigators siezed a shipment of thousands of bottles which were labelled as 'Prosecco', but were actually sparkling wine produced in Moldova. 

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