130790201?profile=RESIZE_400xBrazil’s Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture, Live­stock and Food Supply (MAPA) conducted an investigation over the past two years into the olive oil market, which revealed wide­spread mis­la­bell­ing in a country where olive oil con­sump­tion has risen sharply in recent years. MAPA ana­lysed 322,329 litres of olive oil sam­ples col­lected from 12 Brazil­ian states, and found 207,579 litres (64 per­cent) to be sub­stan­dard. The inspection team investigated 279 samples from 214 batches, and 38,7% of the batches were problematic most of which related to poor quality olive oil being sold as good quality. The high­est inci­dences of olive oil fraud occurred in those states with large num­bers of  bottling com­pa­nies, and fraud was rife among bot­tlers who import olive oil in bulk, mainly from Argentina.

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