UK Centres of Expertise (CoEs) in food authenticity testing

Academic or other Research organisations carrying out food authenticity research in a particular field


CoEs are presented in alphabetical order.


Nottingham Trent University

Contact: Professor Ellen Billett

Tel +44 (0)115 848 6356


NTU are experts in antibody production, immunoassay development & optimisation and use of mass spectrometry for the analysis and identification of proteins. We have experience of a wide range of analytical methods for proteins including 1D- and 2D-gel electrophoresis, immunoassays (including ELISAs, dot blotting & Western blotting) and the use of mass spectrometry for protein identification. We are experts in the development and use of a suite of methods for the detection, identification and semi-quantification of protein biomarkers.

We conduct customised R&D, and identify/address new authenticity problems via the analysis of proteins.

Full Evidence Proforma [PDF, 149kB]

Information poster [PDF, 436kb]


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