Locate methods for authenticity testing

The tabs below include lists of test methods, or links, to assist location of test methods for food authenticity.

The Codex Alimentarius commission of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) publishes lists of approved test methods. The test methods are proposed by CODEX commodity committees and are subject to approval by the CODEX Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling (CCMAS).

The table below summarises the most relevant lists of CODEX approved standards. 

Standard numberTitleDateComments
STAN 234 Recommended Methods of Analysis and Sampling 1999 (Updated 2014) Lists methods for many CODEX provisions including authenticity methods for fruit juices
STAN 239 General Methods of Analysis for Food Additives 003 Artificial sweeteners, nitrate/nitrite and sulphites
STAN 231 General Codex Methods for the Detection of Irradiated Foods 2001 Various methods for detection of irradiation
STAN 228 General Methods of Analysis for Contaminants 2001 Approved methods for some general contaminant

Further information about CCMAS, including information about the designation of CODEX recommended methods and translations of the above Standards, can be found on the CCMAS committee home page.

In addition to these general methods of analysis, Codex has published 341 Standards, many of which deal with specific foods. Each of these commodity standards has a section on Methods of Analysis and Sampling, some of which have methods appropriate to the authenticity of the food.