How to become a Centre of Expertise


Organisations who wish to apply to be recognised as a Centre of Expertise can do so by email, using the forms on this website. They should complete a self-assessment proforma [MS Word, 105kB] providing evidence on how they meet the criteria set by AMWG. The completed proforma should be sent to Defra for review and consideration. Please email nominations to

Assessment of Applications

Applications will be reviewed based on how they meet the AMWG criteria [PDF, 93kB]. Review scoring is described in the document.

Review of the listed Centres of Expertise

The CoEs listed on this web portal will be kept under review to ensure information remains relevant and up-to-date.  CoE s will be asked annually to verify if the information is still accurate or if any updates are needed.

Further information

For further information about the virtual food authenticity network please contact the network secretary Dr Mark Woolfe:

For enquiries about how to apply to become a Centre of Expertise contact the Food Authenticity Network Executive Team: