Members can start new discussions on many discussion pages. To start a new discussion, head over to the ‘member discussion’ page and look for the the ‘+’ or ‘Add discussion’ button at top right to start a new discussion topic. You can use 'reply' to add replies to an existing discussion.

You can also comment on News and similar posts. For 'Blogs' such as the News page you can use the 'Comment' box to comment generally on a post, or use Reply to reply specifically to an existing comment. Note that new comments on the post will generally be listed 'newest first' while a Reply to a specific comment will appear after the comment.

If there’s a need, we may start up discussions for particular member groups; if we do, we’ll let you know where to find them.

Note: We have found that a small number of organisational firewall policies prevent the '+' icon from appearing, as it is part of a specialised font set. If that prevents you from adding a discussion point, please email the Secretariat to add it on your behalf.