Silvio Berra posted a status
May 23
It has never been easier to certify the origin of your product, from the BlockChain to the Digital BioChain

Dear Reader,

I would like to introduce you to the biochemical finger print technology developed by Farzatitech.
This technology secures the complete journey of a product, from production to point of sale.
Everything starts by creating a unique biochemical finger print of the product at the origin, which is then stored in a distributed data-base.

This system is fast, cheap, and portable, meaning without the need to go through a lab. Our proprietary technology is capable of making a comparison between any product and the original fingerprinted characteristics, verifying the origin of the product.

The data for comparison is extracted directly from a product sample or through the reading of a QR code if this is being used. The system is based on blockchain technology and uses Artificial Intelligence.

This way, possible food fraud can be easily detected and above all, your customers can be 100% sure that they received what they actually ordered.

Please DM me if you want to find out more about our innovative technology.

Silvio Berra

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