FoodAuthenticity Members can control the information that is displayed for other site users on their own Member Page. For example, members can decide whether information is visible to the public, only to other members or only to members designated as 'Friends'.  Gender and Birthday information can also be restricted regardless of the general setting.

Finding your profile controls

  • Click on the 'My Page' menu item above; the menu item looks like this:
  • Click on  (just below the large banner, towards the right of the page)
  • From the Options menu (pictured at right) select "Edit profile"

You can then control whether your profile information is visible to the public, FoodAuthenticity members only, or just members you designate as 'friends'. You can also control whether date of birth and gender are visible.


The privacy controls

To control who can see your profile information, first, make sure you are viewing the profile details. If necessary, click on 'Profile' below the large banner picture. The profile tab is circled in red in the illustration below.



Then look for the controls pictured below. These can be set to show or hide personal information.

Privacy options

Each of the controls has a number of options:

  • Profile Page Privacy can be set to Public, member-only, or Friends; the illustration below is set to "Members", which is the setting we normally recommend for a member network.
  • Date of birth display can be set to display nothing, day only or full age information:
  • Gender can be set here, and the square check box allows you to suppress display:

If that's not enough ...

The controls enough are sufficient for the great majority of privacy control; FoodAuthenticity is supposed to be a social network and exists to facilitate contact with other members. We can't currently provide further levels of control, though the hosting platform may increase control in future.

However, if you feel that there are overriding reasons for greater anonymity, please contact the FoodAuthenticity support team via the enquiries email. We'll be happy to discuss how best to address any further concerns within the limitations of the FoodAuthenticy member policies and the features of the platform in use.