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Hi Network Member

The BSI has recently launched a public online system where new work proposals are accessible for wider view and comment.  BSI hopes this will assist in increasing awareness of the Standards Development Portfolio - please feel free to forward this information to your wider organisations or colleagues who you consider may have an interest. Any comments received will be submitted to AW/275 for their consideration when deciding the UK response to CEN.

Proposal: CEN/TC 275 N 1851 - Foodstuffs – DNA barcoding of fish and fish products using defined mitochondrial cytochrome b and cytochrome c oxidase I gene segments. Please visit If you have not used this system before, please register via this link which will then direct you straight to the document.

CEN is particulaly important given Brexit and all that involves.

Please look and let BSI have any comments.

Many thanks.


(BSI AW/275 Chairman, the BSI Mirror Group to CEN TC 275)

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