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CEN Authenticity Activities

Hi All


To update, you will be interested to see the attached.  This is the current outcome from the circulation of the CEN questionnaire on authenticity.  I received no useable responses to my news item.  As a result BSI abstained from responding.  However, the issue will be discussed later this year so if you now have any further thoughts, please let me know.

You may also be interested to know that the issue was discussed at the recent Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling Session.

There Iran submitted the attached CRD 22, and the Report should state:


 Food integrity / food authentication

9. The Committee noted the request for guidance from CCFICS on issues regarding methods of analysis and sampling in relation to food integrity/authenticity.

10. The Delegation of Iran also further explained the need to deal with this issue in Codex and offered to develop a discussion paper to further outline the issues of concern and how this could be addressed by CCMAS.

11. The Committee acknowledged that food integrity/authenticity was an important issue and might need to be also addressed in CCMAS. The Committee further recognised that this issue was already addressed in Codex through standards developed by Commodity Committees, such as in the case of fruit juices, olive oils, fish and fishery products, amongst others. The Committee noted that this matter would be discussed at the 39th Session of the Commission and therefore decided not to consider this matter further, but to wait on the discussion and decision from the Commission.


I guess the issue is that seeing that others are getting involved in the authenticity area, to what extent to Network members also wish to contribute meaningfully to such activities as opposed being rather passive!




(Chairman BSI AW/275)


Dr Roger Wood, Cringleford, Norwich, UK

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  • Roger - yes, interesting developments at CCMAS this year; I gave the Iranian delegation details of this network for their information.
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