50514969?profile=RESIZE_400xThe 4 June 18:00-19:00 webinar is the 2020 Binsted Lecture Webinar: Feeding Minds for Tomorrow's World is presented by Pam Coleman, IFT President. It will cover how to deal with the great challenges facing the food and drink industry and the UN sustainable development goals to transform our world. More information and registration here


The 10 June 15:00-16:00 webinar is organised by the Food Science and Nutrition Group, and is on - Nutrient Density in Foods: Past, Present and Future. Following the successful debates on macro and micronutrients and, most recently, Lifestyle Choices, it will take a look at factors which have, are and will influence the inherent nutrient density in our foods.

A number of parameters can influence the nutrients in our foods and the webinar will look at the various parameters:

  • Farming and depletion of minerals in foods from soil.
  • Processing and better retention/ creation of vitamins in foods with new processing techniques.
  • Enhancing nutrient content of foods through feed and growing conditions.
  • Consumer attitudes. 

More information on the programme and panel of speaker, and registration here