4842017667?profile=RESIZE_400xThis is the 4th Edition of the on-line International Course  organised by the ICNIRS (International Council of NIRS) and the University of Cordoba. The course is taught in English  for some of the most recognised experts on NIRS around the world. The 150 hour course runs from 30 May to 30 September 2020, with registration starting15 May, and covers the following: 

- a basic, theoretical and practical understanding of NIR spectroscopy
 - the ability to work independently with various types of NIR data to determine quantitative and qualitative information
- identify his/her needs regarding further education/training in order to become a qualified NIR professional
- identify those NIR applications, which are ready to be implemented at industry/laboratory level and those which are still in need of additional       research and development work.

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