The 33rd EFFoST International ConferenceSustainable Food Systems - Performing by Connecting will be hosted by Wageningen University & Research and held in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 12-14 November 2019. The Conference will explore the theme: Sustainable Food Systems - Performing by Connecting, the subjects covered include: 

Sub-theme: Oral processing, digestion and human performance


  • Food Digestion, Microbiota: understanding by connecting in vitro and in vivo studies
  • Food for performance in sports
  • Food for healthy aging
  • New technology and food digestibility  

Sub-theme: Consumer trust, perception and engagement


  • Food perception and Clean labelling
  • Traceability and authenticity
  • Personalised food and nutrition
  • Regulatory, food safety and security

Sub-theme: Circular food systems and beyond


  • Quantification of resource use efficiency
  • System changes
  • New challenges for food science and technology
  • Mild processing

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