6201174075?profile=RESIZE_400x Demand for avocado oil is increasing in view of its nutritional value and health benefits. Researchers from the University of California have undertaken a study on  22 samples of avocado oil purchased locally or on-line, 5 of which were Californian, the rest were imported mainly from Mexico. The oils were tested for rancidity (peroxide value and free fatty acids), purity and composition (tocopherols and sterols). The results indicated that the majorityof the oils were oxidised before reaching the quality expiry date listed on the bottle. In addition, substitution with soybean oil at levels near 100% was confirmed in two “extra virgin” and one “refined” sample of avocado oil. The authors have called for need to develop standards for avocado oil to ensure consumer protection, and a level playing field in the global trade of avocado oil. 

Read the University of California News Release and the full paper.

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