The need for more rapid on-site testing for authenticity has prompted Chinese researchers to develop a novel biosensor. This multiple-use trident-like lateral flow biosensor based on species-specific TM-LAMP (tag-labeled multiplex loop-mediated isothermal amplification) permitted sensitive and specific horse and donkey identification. Primers were produced for the endogenous chromosomal reference genes for horse and donkey, which were selected bioinformatically, and the lateral flow biosensor was established using an antigen tag-labeled multiplex LAMP. After optimisation, the biosensor could specifically detect as little as 15 copies of the horse and donkey gene fragments, which took only 40 minutes for the whole process without the need for any additional precision instruments. This platform could be easily adapted for other meat species by using the appropriate primers.

3634932194?profile=RESIZE_710x Read the abstract here

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