3435350351?profile=RESIZE_710xThe EU FoodIntegrity project has published a number of Scientific Opinions on difficult stakeholder derived issues that concern food fraud. The topics were all identified by stakeholders and are intended as documents that describe best practices. The published Scientific Opinions can be found here under the 'Scientific Opinions' tab.

The latest Scientific Opinion published is on "Use of NMR applications to tackle future food fraud issues". The SO discusses how both targeted (allows the identification of specific markers of identity/adulteration for a given foodstuff) and untargeted (the chemical profile of the whole foodstuff is used to create a unique fingerprint as a reference for suspect samples) NMR methodologies are applied in routine use for food fraud monitoring. The cost-effective approaches for routine application are discussed using examples of Food Screener™ and benchtop low-field instruments.

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  •  Looks great that latest analytical tools are assisting in food fraud and geographical origin. In India we are now starting to develop data base using NMR for issues pertaining to geographical origin mainly on honey

    • Dear Anoop,

      I hope you're well. I’m glad that you found this scientific opinion useful.

      You may also be interested in the following reports:

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      In November, in the UK, we are convening an expert meeting to discuss the use of NMR for the determination of exogenous sugars in honey. The output of this meeting will be published on the Food Authenticity Network in 2020 so keep posted.

      Kind regards


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