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All eyes are on Australia’s developing winter crop as global grains markets look to Australia to offset a poor European harvest hit by drought, an international grains strategist has told local growers.

Rabobank London-based global grains and oilseeds strategist @Stefan Vogel, speaking on the bank’s Australian Grain Mid-season Webinar, said when it comes to #wheat and #canola in particular, “we are all looking for good crops in Australia to make up the shortfall caused by the poor season in Europe”.

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This research abstract reports a targeted proteomics-based analysis of bread, which allows quantification of the three cereal species wheat, rye and spelt in bread. Specific proteins/peptides for rye, spelt and wheat were identified. The use of multi-reaction monitoring transitions of selected peptides permitted the identification of the closely related species - wheat and spelt, and other cereal species (emmer, einkorn, barley, maize, rye and oat) were also checked. 

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