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Under the Horizon Europe programme, which focuses on the future funding of food and agriculture research by the European Commission, investment in food research and innovation will see an increase. The Commission has earmarked €10 billion for the food sector, with an emphasis on food safety, which has €1.68 billion confirmed. This embraces quite a wide area of research which could include the safety issues arising out of food fraud.

Read more about the programme on FoodNavigator.

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Research Project and SOP list updated

The FoodAuthenticity research page has recently been updated with a number of additional research reports and SOP references. About 12 projects have been added, covering topics a wide range of toics, including IR and Raman determination of vegetable oil species, feasibility of spectral imaging for food authenticity, proteomics and metagenomics methods, and a review of methods for distinguishing mechanically recovered meat. An SOP  for calibration and use of IR and Raman methods for vegetable oils has also been added to our document site at

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