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Spanish authors have published a chapter in a new book - "Mass Spectrometry - Future Perceptions and Applications", reviewing the use of LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry) in a wide number of authenticity applications. The chapter discusses the use in targeted analysis with or without chemometrics for identifying polyphenols to authenticate different fruits, vegetables and honey. It also reviews the use of LC-HRMS (High Resolution Mass Spectrometry) with chemometrics in targeted applications identifying biomarkers in saffron, fruits, cocoa beans, spices and rice. Non-targeted LC-MS applications for metabolomics in a wide range of foods are also covered.

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This paper gives a review of the current and potential applications of ambient ionisation mass spectrometry in determining the authenticity of food. Ambient mass spectrometry (based on electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry) has developed rapidly in the past 18 years and covers thirty different techniques. The review reports the authentication of many foods including olive oil, dairy products, coffee, meat and fish, but quantification using ambient mass spectrometry is still an issue and requires further work. 

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