Pasteurised whole egg is the most commonly marketed egg product used by the food industry for the manufacture of bakery products, ice cream, fresh and dried pasta. The use of incubator-reject eggs (IRE) is not allowed under European legislation for the preparation of egg products. However, some producers fraudulently use them for whole egg products manufacture. Italian researchers studied the effectiveness of European legislative indices (β-hydroxybutyric acid and lactic acid), uracil, furosine and organic acids for IRE detection in egg products. The results show that present European legislative thresholds for β-hydroxybutyric acid and lactic acid should be lowered to effectively detect IRE's in egg products. The addition of uracil to the indices is suggested as a future additional legal parameter, and considered as a warning signal that IRE may be present. 

1133401214?profile=RESIZE_710x Read the abstract here

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