Greek police have broken up a suspected olive oil adulteration operation and arrested 7 people. They have investigated a company in the Larissa region, which has been adding a green colourant to sunflower oil and selling it as extra virgin olive oil or olive oil from high quality production areas such as Crete or Messinia. The bottled oil was sold in retail and catering in Greece, as well as being exported to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.   . 

Read the full article at: adulterated olive oil 

Picture from the Hellenic police

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  • I read the article and it is of course a fraud committed for economic gain, because extravirgin olive oil has a high price due to its health effects.

    In the article it is said that they used a dye, pigments, but its name it is not indicated (I mean E number)

    Can anyone indicate what is the E number of the dye/pigment added?



    • I agree that the article does not mention which colourant was added. However, the best candidate to do the job would be chlorophyll (E140), as this would be the same green pigment found in extra virgin olive oil.

      Mark Woolfe

    • Thanks Mark.

      I was asking because I have read that copper chlorophyllin complex E141, it is used too as colourant (in table olives), and has adverse effects on health. In EU it is prohibited to use it in olives.

      I am sending the link, it is about another operation done in Italy related to food fraud:


      More Mislabeled Oil and Dangerous Colored Olives Seized in Italian Raids
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