Food Fraud Early Warning System Developed by Fera

A new early warning system for fraud has been developed by Fera as part of the EU FoodIntegrity project. Vahid Mojtahed, Fera, gave a presentation on the new system at the ASSET 2018 Summit of Global Food Integrity, in Belfast, 28-31 May. The system takes data from the JRC European Media Monitoring system, which collects information on food fraud in 60 different languages from media and medical sources. The data is fed through a Bayesian network to compute the probabilities of food fraud developing in the supply chain. Mojtahed said that " with respect to adulteration and substitution of the main food categories, the system can detect anomalies 92% of the time in the active food supply chain 3-6 months before a fraud incident".

Read the article at: fraud early warning system

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